Project Impact

The MET-A-FOR project has applied current and emerging technological developments in the field of mass spectrometry and metabolomic profiling to try to develop new methodologies which can improve the analytical screening for misuse of emerging drugs such as SARMs. Using combined academic and industrial beneficiary expertise, project outputs have resulted in innovative multi-residue UPLC-MS/MS screening assays for key SARM compounds with different physicochemical properties, chosen based upon their reported use in human and animals. The developed methods have been validated in various matrices (urine/plasma/muscle) from a range of species (equine, canine, human, bovine and murine) and employed to screen for SARM residue presence in racing animals (equine and canine), amateur and elite athletes, as well as livestock (bovine) animals. These rapid and cost effective assays can be employed for analytical screening purposes to determine the potential level of SARMs abuse ensuring consumer safety and fair play in animal and human performance sports. The knowledge, advanced analytical techniques and skilled researchers trained within MET-A-FOR will increase monitoring controls for drug misuse helping to maintain animal welfare standards (sport and livestock) within Europe in compliance with respective regulations and that the integrity of our performance sport and food production animals are of the highest level.